Mirror Mirror on the Wall photo

Well friends, it has been a while since we were last together. In fact, an entire year has passed. In that year I have begun to wander less, returning to make North Carolina home again. Yet, I find myself wondering as much as ever.

One of the things I have been wondering about for many years now is this… just how much power names, labels, and stereotypes have over us. I have pages and pages of thoughts on this topics. I’ve read what others have to say. And I have searched God’s word. I think I am beginning to discover what might help us in returning to ourselves.

I am thankful for my friends at First United Methodist Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina who are giving me a chance to move my wondering from my head and heart to my mouth! It feels right! The right time, the right messages, the right place – for my returning. So why don’t you join us! It’s not too late for you to come (although the sooner you let them know the better chance of getting some dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday).

If you can’t join us in Rocky Mount, give me a call, send me a text, shoot me an email. Maybe we can make arrangements for me to come your way and share these life giving wonderings.

Until we are together again…Christ’s peace. Kris


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