a change is coming…

So many emotions are swirling around is my head and heart. No matter how we prepare ourselves for the good-byes in life, whether we are ready or not … good-byes are difficult. April 9, 2017 begins such a time for me. YES – we have had quite an adventure while living in Utah; AND – our time here has brought great clarity around “home.” YES – wandering and wondering has been quite life giving; AND – we look forward to a time of “resettling.” So while we are ready for our good-bye to Utah, some of the things we will miss include the mountains right outside our window, the state and national parks within a few hours drive, the gift of time to think and clarify.IMG_1009

And yet this good-bye gifts us with some new beginnings. The first is that we get to return to the state that has been home for the majority of our lives – North Carolina. Another gift is that we are both stepping into new places of work. Finally, we will be in the same time zone (and driving distance) to our beautiful kids, family, and hosts of friends – people who know us and love us anyway!


In technical terms (Methodist style) I will be appointed to as an Elder to Extension Ministry. In common terms, laleo ministries will be my full time work. This work will include coaching clergy, congregations, and others as together we tend to – blowing out fear and breathing in freedom toward abundant life. During this time of wandering and wondering I have been in additional coach training so that I can be an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coach. This means I can now (actually July 2017) coach more broadly  and hang out my coaching shingle :).  In reality this is an extension of the great work I have already been a part of through Passion in Partnership (http://pipcoaching.net). If you want to know more about being coached or this work in general, I would love to share with you! Just check out my calendar and select the day/time that works best for you: https://secure.scheduleonce.com/KristenWilliams .

If you are curious about Tom and his work… you will have to wait a bit longer; AND, it is all good news!

We appreciate your prayers as we make this transition. My mom and I will begin the cross country journey in our truck with Banks on 4/9. Our goal is to be at the North Carolina coast by 4/14. We are taking our time and reconnecting with friends and family along the way.


Tom will stay in Utah and take care of moving the rest of our stuff. His goal is to celebrate Memorial Day in NC!

We can’t wait to reconnect with many and make many new connections as God continues to bless us beyond our wildest expectations. As always we extend to all who have wandered and wondered with us – Christ’s peace!


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  1. Looking forward to getting together and catching up. I have missed you both and am.glad that I was able to follow in social media. Safe travels to all and welcome back to NC.

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