welcome: and the word was, and the word is, and the word will be

welcome to laleo ministries. At laleo, [pronounced lal-eh’-o] we are all about making room for the word of God to speak. You see speaking was the way everything that was, is, and will be created in brought into being by the Creator. From the very beginning God spoke, and “it” was.  Whichever account of creation you are most drawn to, in each God speaks, and things are created. Throughout God’s love story, both Old and New Testaments, God makes things happen by uttering words. Even in Jesus we see creation made manifest through word, after all one of his nicknames is “The Word.” And now in these present days, we hear God speak via the Holy Spirit, our Counselor, the one who calls to our remembrance all that God has said. As Sarah Groves sings, “the word was, the word is, and the word will be.” But here’s the thing, there is so much noise in our lives that is it often very difficult for us to distinguish the voice of God. We wonder if the words we hear are all us or all other or not at all. We move about so rapidly from home to work to play and back again, that what we mostly hear is the whistle of the wind of life blowing past our ears. Listening for God is something, like anything worth while, that must be practiced and takes much discipline. Listening for God can be facilitated in any number of ways. Listening for God requires us to make room. personal testimony: my making room Sometime in 2014, after many months of journaling my thoughts, prayers, feelings, and faith, I awoke to the idea that my journal, thus my quiet time each day, was more about me and less about God. My pages where full of MY words, MY thoughts, MY dreams, MY hurts. On that day, the words from my daily devotion jumped off the screen of my smart phone in a variety of colors. So I decided to get out some colored pens and “draw” what I was hearing. Out came this: Revelation19-1 While I know this is no Picasso, this “artful” way of listening really moved me. From there I felt called to put down my writing pen and moleskin. In their place, I picked up some water color pencils and a suitable journal for them. I reordered my morning listening time, to do just that – LISTEN.  So now I first read God’s Word and listen for God’s to speak. Then I record what I hear, creating what I sense from God. [you can read all about this kind of quiet time in books like: Praying in Color. I didn’t use this but know many who have.] I have posted many of these creations on my personal social media, through Facebook and Instagram. Many have commented there, in writing, and in person about how these pieces of devotional art have “moved” them, helping them hear from God. So TODAY I have BIG NEWS… some of this devotional artwork is now available for purchase. You can get prints, greetings cards, tote bags, throw pillows and even a phone case. I am using the site Fine Art America to host the sales. You can find me there by searching artist: kristen williams or keyword: laleo. There will be a limited number of images and each image will be there for a limited time. It is my prayer that these simple visual images might help make room in your life for the word of God to speak so that God’s glory might be displayed in you and through you. in ministry and life TOGETHER, Kris



  1. That is great, Kris! Just a caution: it will be harder to keep your devotions pure now. I recall Billy Graham confessing in his autobiography that he regretted not spending time reading the Bible for God to speak to HIM; rather, the search for sermon / Bible study gems usually crowded out focus on his own devotional life. But you can do it, with intentional prayer. I’ll amen it too, for you! Glad you’re sharing your work; I’ve enjoyed them! In fact, have the Acts deacon one posted in my office! Peace and prayers!

  2. Congratulations on finding more ways to share your talent to help others connect with God. I am ready to hear more than “the whistle of the wind of life blowing past” my ears. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.

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